ellis-gibson photography offers wedding albums as part of a package or as an extra, you may not have thought about this when setting your wedding budget however here are 5 reasons why you should try and find a little extra so you can have a fabulous wedding album created for you.


Once your wedding is over you just want to see your photos so you can relive it all again, however having a physical book to look through is a lot different to scrolling through your photos on your phone, iPad or computer. It is standard to get your files via a USB or downloading them,here at Ellis-Gibson Photography I also offer a gallery you can login and view them too. However you are staring at a screen! Unplug and view your photos in a physical book.

Kindles have been around for many years now, however people still buy physical books. Photos on a USB stick will be kept in a drawer and are easily forgotten about.

However there is something about the high quality feel, touch and even smell of a freshly printed album. An album and book that is unique to you, something that you will treasure. Something that allows you to sit down with your partner and go through it page by page.

Here at Ellis-Gibson Photography I offer Graphistudio wedding albums, Italian quality printing services that produce gorgeous albums, high quality paper and beautifully bound. Album covers can be leather, vinyl, wood or cloth, there are lots of options and you can discuss this with me to create something that suits you.


When you see friends and family there is something nice about showing them a physical album, a book that they can go through showing your beautiful photos. Graphistudio wedding albums are great for placing on a table allowing more than a couple of people to see your photos as you go through them.

Instead of sending friends a link to view your photos online, invite them round and relive the day together.


A wedding album is a story book of your day, unique to you, a story from getting ready, the moment your bridesmaids see you in the dress, arriving in the car, walking down the aisle, the smile on your partners face, the tear in your mums eye, the celebration, the joy and happiness on guests faces. This book is all about your day and is put together by your photographer, they will select and order photos to tell a beautiful story that will help you relive the day. This is where the having your photographer produce it is worth it.

Of course you could do this yourself, and there are many online platforms where you can get books printed, however it takes time, it takes time to pick out photos to include, ordering them, positioning them and laying it all out. A wedding photographer will have experience of doing this, they will know the best way to layout and structure the album, they will pick and photos that work well with each other, they will create an album that will tell the story of your day.

As this is done for you by me -your photographer, the excitement of seeing it for the first time and going through it will leave you in tears. Tears of joy and happiness as you see your photos for the first time and relive your day.

Graphistudio cotton wedding album
Sample of cover materials Graphistudio Ellis-Gibson Photography
showing the inside of a wedding album layout


A wedding album is something that you will treasure forever, this little book will hold all your memories of one of the happiest days of your life. You will keep it safe, you will show it to family, and you will every so often reach for it to relive your special day.

When you have kids and want to show them Mum and Dad getting married, then you will reach for the wedding album. This book is a story and something you will certainly treasure. Unlike a USB hidden away in a drawer, you will keep this book within easy reach.


Having an album printed for your proud parents makes a great gift and also for them to treasure and relive the day. You could have a smaller album created and printed that you can give to parents, bridesmaids and family while having a larger album created and kept just for you.

showing sample wedding album pages
sample Graphistudio wedding album