Are you wondering what are some getting ready must have moments?

From photos of your girls getting glammed up to candid snapshots, these are all of the getting ready photos you'll definitely want to capture the morning of your wedding. Approach your wedding day with an open mind and trust your photographer to capture the moments you desire. Here’s a quick look into what some getting ready photos can look like.

Getting Ready

I just love this photo of my bride getting her make up done with her dress hanging in the background.

getting ready with dress hanging

Showcase Your Accessories

Have your photographer arrange your day-of accessories for an aesthetically pleasing photo.


Capture Your Bouquet

You'll definitely want to get a detail shot of your bridal bouquets


Bride Squad

Don't forget to get a photo of everyone in their coordinating getting ready robes or outfits.

Bride to be and bridesmaids in wedding day robes

Father of the bride first look 

There’s nothing sweeter than dad's first reaction. Leave a little surprise for them and do a first look.

Father of the bride first look

The final touches

This could go many ways. It could be hair, make up, putting in your veil, really anything! What will your final touches be?

bridal final touches before wedding

One her way

My Bride was walking down the stairs and this quick shot was taken from a different angle to highlight the beautiful dress that she was wearing as well as the stunning staircase and artwork of the venue.

bride walking down venue staircase to ceremony

If you need more getting ready inspo, check out all of my bride’s getting ready photos. If you’re on the search for an Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire wedding photographer, fill out my contact form and we can see if we’re a good fit!