What does a professional photographer do in her spare time OR just not during wedding season? 

As well as a photographer, I work as a freelance photo retoucher for ecommerce businesses, photographers, Amazon sellers, and make up brands.

I also apply these retouching techniques to my own work when I'm editing a wedding.

I have 16 years experience of retouching and can provide photo editing such as:

My work has appeared in magazines such as British Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and many other publications. 

I will do editorial beauty and fashion retouching and photo editing

I can provide photo editing such as:

Beauty skin retouch

Portrait Retouching


Whitening teeth

Body re-shaping / Slimming

Enhancing lightening, contrast, colors

Removing /adding people, objects

Background removal/change

Changing colors with filter presets

E-commerce Product editing

Creating design for Facebook/Instagram ads

Wedding photo editing

Instagram Influencer Editing